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Further updated About page with information about what Research Justice entails.

Updated About page, and finished Chapter 6: Teams.

Began work on Chapter 6: Teams.


About this project
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Chapter 1: Group formation
This chapter deals with the origins of group dynamics, in particular the Hawthorne studies that revealed the existence of informal groups with social control over production output.

Chapter 2: Group structure
This chapter describes different ways to map a group, theories of team roles, leadership structure and 'Virtual teams'.

Chapter 3: Individuals in groups
This chapter reveals the ways in which groups influence their members and vice versa.

Chapter 4: Motivation
This chapter reveals mostly psychological theories of human motivation, and the debate on whether rewards should be strictly monetary or not.

Chapter 5: Conflict
This chapter discusses the types of conflict that can emerge in the workplace, specifically those between workers and management.

Chapter 6: Teams
This chapter describes how management organise the workforce into teams, and what the principles behind this are.


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